My ancestry includes English, New Zealand, Indian, Fijian, Turkish, Scottish, Irish and so much more. My family is very big and comes from all walks of life, beliefs, religion and upbringing. Yet all their stories and the stories of my ancestors have shaped them and myself. Even the little choices led to us all being here. If my grandad decided to stay in Fiji for university then I wouldn’t have been born. If my great-great-grandfather hadn’t been shot in Gallipoli and had to come home, I wouldn’t have been born. Doing this website I’ve learnt so much about my family and their lives. I’ve come to appreciate their stories, the little and the big; they show the full and wonderful, sometimes trying lives my ancestors have experienced. All of my family, despite their differences, have instilled in me a longing to serve and help others, especially within our community. The lessons they have learnt and lived are passed on to me and I hope to pass them on through generations so that these core family values can be maintained.